Vine Pricing for ZooVines
$50 set- up fee per vine

Linear ft. Pricing:

1/4” Flexible $85 per 25 ft. section
3/8” Flexible $100 per 25 ft. section

1/2” Flexible $7.00 per linear ft.

5/8” Flexible $13 per linear ft.
5/8” Posable $18 per linear ft

3/4” Flexible $14 per linear ft.
3/4” Posable $19 per linear ft

1” Flexible $21 per. linear ft.
1” Posable $26 per linear ft

1.5” Flexible $23 per linear ft
1.5” Posable $28 per linear ft.

2” Flexible $27 per linear ft.

2.5” Flexible $30 per linear ft.

3” Flexible $41 per linear ft.

Climbing Clamp Ends:
3/4” and 1” $65 each
1.5” and 2” $75 each
3” $100 each

Straight or looped ends no extra charge. For loops we recommend adding 1.5-2’ of vine
length to accommodate loops

Estimated shipping costs are available. Actual shipping cost is calculated when order is
finalized. Handling/crating costs are determined by weight/size of order and are variable.

For animals who demonstrate destructive behavior, (biting, scratching, etc.) we recommend
“Salting” the vines. This refers to the process of spreading grit on the final coat. We use a
fine sand in the mixture and that texture usually deters the animals from continuing to chew
the vines. 50 cents per foot for salted vines over 1 inch in diameter and 25 cents per foot for
vines under an inch.

We completely guarantee the quality and workmanship of our products and will beat any of
our competitor’s prices. We can replicate any type of vine you need. Please don't hesitate to
let us know if you need a specific style, type, or color of vine that you don't see represented
in the samples on our website