ZOOFAB: Species-Specific Naturalistic Fabrication Since 2004

Zoological Fabrication, Inc. is a full service design and fabrication company that specializes in biologically-informed, species-specific zoological exhibits. Through intensive research and close collaboration with animal husbandry professionals, we pride ourselves in a husbandry-based approach to exhibit design.

Come out to the Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco to see the newly installed Buckeye tree we fabricated for their tropical cloud forest!

                                Introducing New ZooFab Products!!!

Jungle Kits

Instantly transform your animal's enclosure with naturalistic vines that are bundled together with a looped end. This kit comes with multiple sizes and styles of vines that you can shape yourself, aiding in beautification and behavioral enrichment through route placidity.


Hide your unsightly poles, vents, and ducts with easy- to- install naturalistic bark. FlexiBark comes in multiple textures and is available for any species of tree.

3 New Vine Sizes

ZooVines now come in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" diameters. These vines can come in pre-made 25', 50', and 100' sections.

                                           Transform poles, vents, and ducts into trees!

Custom Exhibitry & Fabrication Services

Operating from a full-service studio equipped with carpentry, metal fabrication, mold-making and casting capabilities, Zoological Fabrication, Inc. offers a wide range of custom exhibitry services. Having worked with zoos, aquariums, museums and nature centers across the country, each with unique goals, expectations and operating budgets, we are highly flexible in our design and fabrication processes, and can design your project from the ground up or work together with your designers and architects to develop a strategy that best suits your project.

ZooVines™: Naturalistic vines, innovative designs

After several years of research and development, Zoological Fabrication, Inc. is proud to offer ZooVines™, a new line of custom naturalistic vine products for zoos and aquariums that are hand-sculpted from specially formulated non-toxic materials.

Click the button below for species recommendations and to see our assorted end options & vine configurations.

Expert Consulting

With decades of naturalistic fabrication experience with emphasis on animal husbandry technique, the expert professionals at ZooFab are available for all of your modern exhibitry consultation needs.

Hire us to help you bring your vision to life and we can help ensure that your project is scientifically-authentic, ethically-constructed and structurally-sound.

Custom Vines!

In addition to our standard flexible and posable vines, we can combine multiple vines of any diameter and style with any attachment point of your choosing. We can customize your basic vine order by wrapping it in another smaller vine or two for depth and a more diverse look. We offer custom sized strangler fig reproductions which can be attached to any tree for a tropical look, or attached to any wall, log, or rock for additional climbing purchase and enrichment. Have an idea we haven’t thought of? We’d love to explore any specific needs you might have to come up with a custom vine tailored to your qualifications.