Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that quality animal exhibits coupled with interpretive educational material can change public attitudes towards wildlife and their respective environments, fostering greater awareness and interest in their conservation and the threats they face. As zoological exhibit fabricators, it is our responsibility to incorporate elements of ecology, geology and art into each project to create accurate representations of natural environments which maximize visitor impact and meet the unique goals and visions of each client.

Zoological Fabrication, Inc. is dedicated to creating functional, versatile and visually compelling captive environments that are biologically appropriate for their intended inhabitants and meet the educational, safety and serviceability needs of our clients.

With a diverse and knowledgeable team comprised of wildlife biologists, animal husbandry professionals and exhibit artists, we take pride in our unique biologically-informed approach to exhibit design which seamlessly blends ecology and art, and understand the complexities and day to day realities of exhibit safety and maintenance. Consulting the zoological literature and collaborating with husbandry professionals within the zoo and aquarium field ensures that the exhibits we design and construct are biologically appropriate for their intended inhabitants, meeting their environmental, physiological, and psychological requirements.

By showcasing the complexity of nature and what we value in the natural world, our exhibits illustrate connections and interdependencies that exist between humans and the natural world, thereby inspiring a more informed and proactive public.